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Welcome to Startup Ottawa!

CO-WRNcXAAAM7eeStartup Ottawa is a place for budding and seasoned entrepreneurs alike to gather, learn from each other and get access to invaluable resources, and programming. Our mission is to “Promote, Provide, & Connect” the startup businesses in Ottawa. We are entrepreneur-led and committed to the long-term success and sustainability of our community.

Startup Ottawa regularly holds networking & workshop events, and provides insights as to how best to get your business off the ground in Ottawa.CMUXvxAW8AA0p1w

There are always more questions than answers when starting up a business. We can help provide the answers you’re looking for.

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Meet our Team!

    What we do

    Connecting our Startup Community
    Startup Ottawa is working to connect the entire entrepreneur ecosystem in Ottawa with the resources and support they need.
    Promoting our Startup Community
    There’s a lot of amazing things happening in Ottawa's startup community; as Startup Ottawa grows, we will be working to increase the visibility and profile of our community, startups, events and resources.
    Community Enterprise Partnership
    Our entrepreneur leaders and stakeholder organizations will convene on a regular basis to further the startup community in Ottawa and ensure everyone has a voice.
    Social Entrepreneurship & Open Data
    Join social entrepreneurs, innovators, intrapreneurs, designers, freelancers, technologist and artists from across Ottawa to collectively create positive impact for our community and the world.
    Maker Movement & DIY Culture
    Join the growing maker movement and connect with artists, creatives, DIYers and makers of all sorts from across the National Capital Region at one of our “hackerspaces” focused on experimental creative/artistic use of technology.
    Learning Technical skills
    Groups like Ladies Learning Code Ottawa, Code for Kids, HackerYou, Girl Develop It and others are working to empower everyone to feel comfortable learning technical skills. These groups host regular workshops where Ottawa's adults and youth can learn beginner-friendly computer programming and other technical skills in a social and collaborative way.
    Learning from Seasoned Founders
    Events like Startup Grind, FreshFounders, LWConnect, Tech Tuesday and more are creating opportunities to learn from successful entrepreneurs and innovators as they share lessons learned on the road to building great companies and provide inspiration for the startup journey ahead.
    Youth Entrepreneurship
    Through programming like Junior Achievement, and The Code Factory's Students & Startups, Ottawa's Youth are learning entrepreneurship skills, being inspire to dream big and reach their potential.


    • Brad Feld, Entrepreneur, VC, co-founder of TechStars and MD of The Foundry Group (Boulder, Colorado)
      This grassroots model for entrepreneurial development is truly transformative and will position Canada as a beacon for entrepreneurs worldwide. Startup Canada’s national network of communities will ensure that entrepreneurs of today and the generations to follow will have the necessary tools, communities and culture to succeed.

    Our Partners

    • Iversoft
    • Hub Ottawa
    • University of Ottawa
    • Ottawa Public Library
    • Lead to Win
    • Invest Ottawa
    • In-Tac
    • Capital Angel Network